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One Story, A Million Magical Moments

I remember being in your exact spot. 

Unexpectedly my brother (the notoriously “healthy kid” in our family) began to experience stomach pains. Assuming his symptoms were a result of needing to change his diet we didn’t take the pain too seriously. But after a month of rapidly growing pain, it became glaringly clear that something was not right.

In 2010, I was given the news that changed my life forever. 

My brother’s stomach pain was so much worse than we could have imagined. His insides were riddled with tumors and we were told he only had two weeks to live.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I had been kicked in the head and in a single moment, my entire world collapsed.

 But even then, when I didn’t fully understand what or why this tragedy was happening, I knew I had a responsibility to be the person my brother always was to me. At that moment, I made the decision to try to love, inspire, and be present with my best friend, with whatever time we had together.

My brother battled his cancer for the next one and half years. And though that time was deeply traumatic, there was also beauty in it, for which I’m forever grateful.

In the years following Amir’s passing, all I wanted was one more moment. One more laugh. One more hug. My heart was craving to feel my brother physically close to me, just one more time.

So when I was introduced to remembrance fingerprint jewelry, I knew it was the solution I needed. I needed that daily reminder to hold his hand again.

It was only through total emotional surrender that I found the key to my healing journey - feeling the proximity of those I love most close to me, every day. And I knew I couldn’t be the only grieving person who needed the same.

Forever LT was Born. 

I dove headfirst in designing fingerprint jewelry that not only honors and celebrates life’s most precious people and moments, but also looks beautiful (no gaudy, boring, and depressing remembrance jewelry here!)

Fingerprint jewelry is the beautiful connection between people that matter most. It’s a reminder, a celebration, and a way to heal.

Today, I proudly wear my fingerprint necklace for my brother, Amir, who reminds me to be grateful for his legacy.

Now I’m on a mission to create meaningful and timeless fingerprint jewelry so you can forever feel the connection between you and the people you love.”

Loved Ones Honored by Forever LT

Forever LT Core Values

I believe that the most beautiful jewelry tells a story.

I believe that your jewelry pieces should be as extraordinary as the person wearing them.

I believe that your jewelry becomes priceless because of the story you breathe into them.

I believe that your experience of ordering, receiving, and wearing your jewelry should be as beautiful as the jewelry itself.