We cherish the privilege of creating a unique keepsake necklace to honor the bond, celebrate the life, and cherish the memories between you and your loved one. 

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Imagine being able to hold your loved one’s hand again. Now you can feel them close to your heart when you choose a beautiful keepsake necklace from Forever LT.

There’s nothing more important than treasuring the physical connections that no amount of distance, space, or time can ever diminish.I remember being in your exact spot.

Just wanting one more moment with my loved one.

After a decade of searching for the keepsake that was worthy of carrying my loved one’s beautiful fingerprint, I decided to create my own line of stylish and timeless fingerprint jewelry. Necklaces that are worthy of your loved one’s story and legacy. 

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Gone but not forgotten

They both love having him close to their heart. 

When my Father-In-Law passed away he left a major hole in our hearts and our lives. I created Love Talla fingerprint necklaces for my MIL and my SIL in hopes that it would fill a bit of the hole his absence has left behind. They both love having him close to their heart. This is such a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate his incredible legacy.

- Cynthia

I will cherish this necklace forever. 

I met the founder of Forever LT at an event. When she told me that I was able to get my late Father’s fingerprint from the TX DPS from when he received his Driver’s License, I wept. I couldn’t believe that I would be able to have a beautiful necklace made with his equally beautiful fingerprint. I will cherish this necklace forever. 

- Stacy

Keep them close to your heart forever

Choose a design to place your loved one’s fingerprint on to cherish and celebrate their life with this single pendant keepsake. 

Sterling Silver

Celebrates your life’s most precious people by choosing a fingerprint keepsake design that holds more than one print.

Fine Jewelry

Unexpectedly, my husband passed away last year. I was left with a giant hole in my heart and wanted to create a keepsake to be able to feel him with me at all times. I also wanted to create something to give our baby girl when she grows up....Forever LT gave us a tangible thing to touch to be able to hold his hand again. It is a beautiful daily reminder that I will never take off. Thank you!

- Lauren

I lost my precious 13 yr. old son Matthew to pediatric cancer after two years of grueling treatment. All I had of Matthew was memories, photos, his belongings and his little fingerprints given to me by the funeral home. Thank you, Forever LT, for helping me create something beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind to wear and remember my son with love.

- Richelle