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We know that offering comfort to the families you serve is your top priority.

Through our state-of-the-art platform, Forever LT provides personalized keepsake necklaces that help families honor the bond, celebrate the life, and cherish the memories of their lost loved ones. Our commitment with every fingerprint keepsake necklace is to compliment the outstanding service your funeral home already provides. 

When You Become a Partner

We’re here to help you prioritize your families. That’s why we provide everything you need, at no cost to you, to help them create keepsakes they will cherish forever easy to understand and effortless to obtain.

Help your families pick their perfect Fingerprint Keepsake with our premium display. Families can take home our convenient brochure to help them transition to working with us.

Our State of the art wireless scanners provide clear, precise and quick fingerprint images that are recording in the Forever LT CRM. 

How We Can Help

Even when funeral homes carry our competitors, Funeral home directors who have lost a loved one will come to Forever LT to purchase their own Keepsake. 

Because when they value timeless style, quality, exceptional customer service, they trust us to not only take care of the families they serve, but even themselves.  

Our customized Forever LT CRM helps us stay connected with your families on your behalf. We’ll continue to support your customers through their grief journey by letting them know your funeral home cares deeply for them and their family. Turn it from a one time transaction into a lifetime relationship.

Funeral homes who use Forever LT benefit from supplemental revenue generated by providing their families with genuine care that creates a lasting impression, without creating more work for your team

Forever LT Partner Advantage 

We help you be the first funeral home that comes to mind when their families think of honoring and remembering their loved ones. 

We offer our partners a competitive compensation structure 

In order to get started with Forever LT, we ask for nothing but the opportunity to be featured in your funeral home and honor that throughout our partnership.

Frequently Asked By Our Partners